• Giant Peace Lily PB8

    (Spathiphyllum sensation)

    Giant Peace Lily PB8
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    Giant Peace Lily PB8Giant Peace Lily PB8
    Giant Peace Lily PB8Giant Peace Lily PB8

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Spathiphyllum sensation 
    Common Name(s): Giant Peace Lily
    Country of Origin: Americas 
    Frond Style: Pinate 
    Plant Type: Herbaceous 
    Leaf Colour:  Lush Green
    Flower Colour: White 
    Special Features:

    This Palm

    Product Code: Stefwi 8
    Container Size: PB8
    Plants per container: One
    Average Height: 300mm 
    Average Girth: 30mm
    Likes: Shade 

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Indoors 
    Average Height: 120mm
    Trunk Girth: 50mm

    Spathiphyllum sensation “Giant Peace Lily” is not a true Lilly but a member of the  Araceae family that contain numerous rhizomatous or tuberous clumping plants. Native to tropical rainforests of the Americas,

    The Giant Peace Lily is a vibrant and graceful clumping plant that adds life to any space growing up to about a meter in height with white blooms of the peace lily generally appear in the spring as more of a modified leaf bract than a multi-petaled flower lasting about 2 months.

    Giant Peace lilies manage just fine in darker quarters such as offices, bedrooms, and hospital rooms. Combine its ease of care with its aide in helping the cleanse the air we breathe, that is why the peace lily is such a popular houseplant.


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