• Walsh River King Palm PB40

    (Archontophoenix maxima.)

    Walsh River King Palm PB40
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    Product Code: Arc max PB18
    Walsh River King Palm PB40Walsh River King Palm PB40
    Walsh River King Palm PB40Walsh River King Palm PB40

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Archontophoenix maxima 
    Common Name(s): Walsh River King Palm 
    Country of Origin: Austrailia 
    Frond Style: Feather
    Plant Type: Palm
    Leaf Colour: Green with silver under the leaf. Red New Growth 
    Fruit Colour: Red
    Special Features: Lime Green Crown Massive Seed Bracts 

    This Palm

    Product Code: Arcma 8 
    Container Size: PB8
    Plants per container: 1
    Average Height: 1.4 Meters 
    Average Girth: 50mm
    Likes: Semi shade 

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Semi-shade - sunny Semi Frost free position 
    Average Height: 25 meters
    Trunk Girth: 300mm 

    Archontophoenix maxima” Walsh River Palm” is a tall growing  Palm native to mountainous river valleys of the upper Atherton Tablelands where you will find growing in moist Rainforests.

    The Walsh River Palm is a tall solitary Palm growing up to 25 metres in height, with a trunk of up to 30 cm in diameter with an expanded base with a crown of fronds up to 4 meters in length with striking red new growth bearing an insignificant white flower followed by a huge display of bright red seeds

    This is a handsome palm with an easy-care nature that can be grown in a container for years before outgrowing the pot but looks much better when planted in the ground where it will thrive if grown in a warm semi frost free position Preferring well-draining, porous soils rich in humus (but can even grow in semi-wet terrain). Mature and established plants can tolerate temperatures down to about -2° C for short periods.

    The Walsh River Palm is the tallest in the Archontophoenix and as the name “MAXIMA” will grow to about 25 meters in height. Plant as a focal point or a backdrop as the trunk and crown are very attractive along with its striking red new growth. Could possibly be a Substitute for the more tropical Royal Palm. These palms aren't considered self-cleaning but you'll only need to trim off an old frond occasionally.

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