• Dukou Sago Palm PB2 Long

    (Cycas panzhihuaensis)

    Dukou Sago Palm PB2 Long
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    Product Code: Cycpan 9cm
    Dukou Sago Palm PB2 LongDukou Sago Palm PB2 Long
    Dukou Sago Palm PB2 LongDukou Sago Palm PB2 Long
    Dukou Sago Palm PB2 LongDukou Sago Palm PB2 Long

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Cycas panzhihuaensis 
    Common Name(s): Panzhihua Cycad 
    Country of Origin: China 
    Frond Style: Cycad Frond 
    Plant Type: Cycad
    Leaf Colour: Green/Blue 
    Fruit Colour: Orange 
    Special Features: Semi fast frost tollerant 

    This Palm

    Product Code: Cycpa 9cm
    Container Size: 9cm
    Plants per container: Single 
    Average Height: 120mm 
    Average Girth: 10mm 

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: a Warm sheltered free draining position 
    Average Height: 2 meters
    Trunk Girth: 300mm

    Cycas panzhihuaensis “Dukou Sago Palm” is native to the Jinsha Jiang river valley in the South West Sichuan (China) where you will find them growing 1100-2000 metres above sea level in grassy sandy slopes.

    The Dukou Sago Palm” is an easy-care cycad that is not a slow-grower. With a stout trunk about 2 meters in height with crowns of fairly stiff, dark green to blue-green leathery fronds that resemble those of a fern. Newly emerging fronds are soft green and flexible. This Cycad prefers bright light exposure with some protection from the afternoon sun. Cold and frost tolerant for short periods of time thrive in a well-drained position, with deep well-draining soil, Cycas panzhihuaensis may be one of the oldest living Cycad, surviving unchanged from the Mesozoic (100-190 million years ago).

    Mass plant, great understory Cycad and long lived in a pot. Maintenance is minimal; removal of offsets if desired, removal of spent fronds Feed in spring to encourage new growth.

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