• Money Tree PB5

    (Crassula ovata)

    Money Tree PB5Money Tree PB5
    Money Tree PB5Money Tree PB5

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Crassula ovata
    Common Name(s): Money Tree 
    Country of Origin: South Africa 
    Frond Style: Succulent leaf 
    Plant Type: Succulent 
    Leaf Colour: Jade Green
    Fruit Colour: Black 
    Special Features: Slow growing great indoors 

    This Palm

    Product Code: Craov
    Container Size: PB8
    Plants per container: 1
    Average Height: 300mm +
    Average Girth: 30mm

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Indoor airy sunny position out sunny free draining 
    Average Height: 2 meters 
    Trunk Girth: 80mm
    Likes: Bright sunny position Indoors or Out 

    Crassula ovata “Money Tree” also known as Jade Plant, Lucky Plant and Friendship Tree is a medium sized succulent bush, native to Southern Africa where you will find this succulent growing in open scrubland and rocky outcrops.

    The Money Tree is a very popular and easy plant to grow with its fleshy jade green leaves, tinged with red that will in a few years become a magnificent specimen in your garden, lounge, office or conservatory. Well known for its bonsai capabilities which makes this plant a great indoor plant as well. Grown in a sunny a bright spot indoors or frost-free outdoor situations as well.


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