• Senegal Date Palm - PB2

    (Phoenix reclinata)

    Senegal Date Palm - PB2Senegal Date Palm - PB2
    Senegal Date Palm - PB2Senegal Date Palm - PB2

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Phoenix reclinata
    Common Name(s): Senegal Date Palm
    Country of Origin: Africa
    Frond Style: Feather
    Plant Type: Sub Tropical – Tropical Palm
    Leaf Colour: Green
    Fruit Colour: Yellow
    Special Features: Attractive multi trunking palm with interesting trunk colourations

    This Palm

    Product Code: Phori
    Container Size: PB2
    Plants per container: Single
    Average Height: 200 - 300mm
    Average Girth: 30mm
    Likes: Semi-shade - Full Sun  

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Temperate
    Average Height: 15  meters

    Phoenix reclinata “Senegal Date Palm” is a tall Multi-trunking palm that is native to Africa and surrounding islands where you will find growing in moist rainforests and open Savannah plains.

    The Senegal Date Palm is a very hardy palm that grows in huge clumps growing up to 15 meters in height with slender stems that are covered with brown fibre and tend to curve away from the centre of the clump in graceful arcs. They are topped by crowns of dark green to yellow-green pinnate (feather shaped) fronds.

    As a clumping Palm, you want to plant this palm as a feature somewhere it will have the room to make that striking statement in the landscape.

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