• Kashmir Mountain Date Palm PB18

    (Phoenix loureiroi var. Humilis Kashmir)

    Kashmir Mountain Date Palm PB18Kashmir Mountain Date Palm PB18
    Kashmir Mountain Date Palm PB18Kashmir Mountain Date Palm PB18

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Phoenix loureiroi var. Humilis Kashmir 
    Common Name(s): Kashmir Mountain Date Palm
    Country of Origin: Himalayas 
    Frond Style: Pinate
    Plant Type: Palm
    Leaf Colour: Glaucous-green when mature
    Fruit Colour: Purple 
    Special Features: Leaf scars on the trunk 

    This Palm

    Product Code: Phoka 18
    Container Size: PB18
    Plants per container: 1
    Average Height: 500mm
    Average Girth: 40mm

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Temperate 
    Average Height: 6 Meters 
    Trunk Girth: 300mm 

     Phoenix loureiroi is an extremely variable species with a widespread distribution ranging from India through China to the Philippines.

    This form the Phoenix loureiroi var. Humilis Kashmir “Kashmir Mountain Date Palm” is native to the Himalayas in northern Pakistan. The Kashmir Mountain Date Palm is an attractive and robust, Non- suckering type and is found at altitudes of around 1500 m (5000 ft.) at the northern distribution limit for the species.

    The Kashmir Mountain Date Palm is a medium-sized palm with a slender trunk growing up to 6 meters in height with a crown of plumose fronds, glaucous-green when mature. Prefers full sun and free-draining soil

    Once established the Kashmir Mountain Date Palm will thrive in a range of climates and will tolerate moderate freezes.

    Plant somewhere where it will become a feature in your garden

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