• Metallic Palm PB2

    (Chamaedorea metallica)

    Metallic Palm PB2Metallic Palm PB2
    Metallic Palm PB2Metallic Palm PB2

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Chamaedorea metallca
    Common Name(s): Metallic Palm, Mini Fishtail Palm
    Country of Origin: Mexico
    Frond Style:
    Plant Type Sub Tropical – Tropical Palm
    Leaf Colour: Metallic blue-green
    Fruit Colour: Black
    Special Features: Attractive foliage, Medium - Slow growing

    This Palm

    Product Code: Chame2
    Container Size: PB2
    Plants per container: Single
    Average Height: 400mm +
    Average Girth: 10mm
    Likes: Deep shade - shade Free draining moist soil.

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Temperate
    Average Height: 2 meters
    Trunk Girth: 200mm

    Chamaedorea metallica  "Metallic Palm" is a small growing palm native to the dark rainforests of Central America where you will find growing under the cover of already mature plants.

    The Metallic Palm has a most unusual frond formation and colouration that makes it a very unique palm indeed. Growing up to 2 meters in height with deep dark green fronds that under the right conditions, the deep green frond takes on a silver metallic sheen, hence the name.  Great as an indoor specimen for those low light positions.  Can be community potted for good effect indoors.

    Definitely a shade-loving species, particularly useful in your subtropical garden planted under larger sun absorbing palms making the Metallic Palm a great under-storey Palm.  Easy care, cold tolerant down to -1C for brief periods once established, but not frost tolerant. 

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