• Emperor Sago - PB2L

    (Cycas taitungensis PB2 LONG)

    Emperor Sago - PB2LEmperor Sago - PB2L
    Emperor Sago - PB2LEmperor Sago - PB2L
    Emperor Sago - PB2LEmperor Sago - PB2L

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Cycas taitungensis
    Common Name(s): Empouer Cycad
    Country of Origin: Taiwan
    Frond Style:
    Plant Type: Sub Tropical – Tropical Cycad
    Leaf Colour: Green
    Fruit Colour: Orange
    Special Features: Attractive foliage, fast growing cycad

    This Palm

    Product Code: Cycta 2L
    Container Size: PB2 Long bag
    Plants per container: Single
    Average Height: 300 – 400mm
    Average Caudex: 60mm
    Likes: Shade Sun, Regular folier fertilizer, Free draining soil Fast Growing Cycad

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Temperate
    Average Height: 3.5+ meters
    Trunk Girth: 350mm
    Likes: Sun, Food, Groupings, Popular Cycad
     The Taitungensis (previously known as Cycas Taiwaniana) is a native of Taiwan and very similar in appearance to the Cycas revoluta (sago palm).. It is very quick growing as far as cycads go, and does well in a range of conditions, from temperate to subtropical zones. Best planted in full sun and requires good drainage.
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    "Have just received these palms, very well packaged and they are gorgeous. All look like they will have at least three trunks - fabulous. Great communication with this trader and will definitely trade again. Thanks A+++ "


    Liz Hurley

    North shore

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