• Loei Cycad PB12

    (Cycas pectinata)

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    Loei Cycad PB12Loei Cycad PB12
    Loei Cycad PB12Loei Cycad PB12
    Loei Cycad PB12Loei Cycad PB12

    Species Information

    Latin Name: Cycas pectinata var Petrea
    Common Name(s): Loei Cycad
    Country of Origin: Asia 
    Frond Style: Cycad Frond 
    Plant Type: Cycad
    Leaf Colour: Green 
    Fruit Colour: Orange 
    Special Features:

    This Palm

    Product Code: Cycpi 18
    Container Size: PB18
    Plants per container: 1
    Average Height: 600 mm
    Average Girth: 50mm 

    When Mature

    Preferred Climate: Subtropical 
    Average Height: 2 Meters 
    Trunk Girth: 30 cm 

    Cycas pectinata var Petrea “Loei Cycad”  is a medium growing cycad that you will find growing across Asia Assam - Vietnam. Usually growing at elevations of 300 m to 1200 m and in difficult terrains.grows in dry, open thickets in limestone mountains

    The Loei Cycad is a  strong grower, with stems to 2m in height. The leaves are short and flat with 32-40 dark green, very glossy, and slightly waxy leaflets on either side and are carried on a fairly long petiole.

    An easy Cycad to grow in a pot indoors or outdoors in the garden or patio semi shade – shady in warm or subtropical conditions that can stand short light frosts, but it is better to keep it above 0 C.

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